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Massage or Escort

Some people, with slightly smaller minds will say that there is not much difference between a Tantric masseuse and an Escort. In extreme cases of shrinking brain, some people have been known to say it is the same thing.

However for those of us whom are a little more precise shall we say with our thinking, there is a world of difference between a Tantric masseuse and an Escort.

For starters, there is no Sex involved when receiving a Tantric massage.

A Tantrica will have studied Tantra and this means she will have studied other ways to achieve orgasm and general pleasure with a man other than intercourse.

An Escort in Leeds is for companionship but most clients of Escorts are less interested in companionship and more on a physical relationship involving some foreplay, leading straight to Sex.

A tantric massage therapist has usually chosen her profession based on a feeling she has a healing touch and that she can successfully transfer this to the client.

She also may have decided that she cannot or would not be an Escort.

Tantra is a massage based therapy with Lingham massage, or in layman’s terms happy ending. However this is done in a tantric context and is a very classy affair, focusing on breathing and the achievement of full body orgasm as a result.

It should be noted however that in British law, girls whom are Tantric massage therapists are still considered as part of the sex industry, although the reality can sometimes be more alternative therapy rather than sex therapy.